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Skills Scotland Glasgow

Skills Scotland Glasgow

09 July 2015|Number of views (5178)
Students from St Matthew's Academy and Inverclyde Academy were invited to attend Skills Scotland.

Dairy Crest employee finds role at Heinz

09 July 2015|Number of views (5650)
Nigel* worked for Dairy Crest and was one of 125 employees facing redundancy. 

The National Careers Service gets Lisa* to Do it!

09 July 2015|Number of views (6006)
In 2010 Lisa* had a cycling accident which prevented her from working. Lisa required five operations and had knee surgery in 2014. She was keen to get back to work.

Sian's* goal of becoming a PE teacher comes true and she starts her new career in the United Arab Emirates

08 July 2015|Number of views (5400)
Sian entered care in 2002 living with her foster carers for eight years before gaining a place at Leeds Trinity University in 2010.

Saeed* achieves a First in Applied Mathematics and looks forward to new opportunities and work

08 July 2015|Number of views (5064)

Saeed went into care when he was 10, spending six years in a children's home before moving to a foster placement in Huddersfield for three years before going on to university.