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Lisa gets a job in retail

22 February 2016

Before Prospects

Lisa from Paignton was unemployed for 13 years, claiming Job Seekers Allowance. Having not worked since 1998 Lisa had no current work experience and was lacking in self confidence.

What Prospects did

Prospects supported Lisa, helping her pursue a career in retail. Prospects helped Lisa gain a placement on a retail/customer service course, this gave Lisa the confidence to start volunteering in two local charity shops to gain current experience in retail.

Lisa worked hard and was persistent, searching and applying for jobs. Her advisers gave her support in interview techniques and telephone skills. Unfortunately for Lisa she was unsuccessful in her search and attended approximately ten interviews and was rejected for many of her job applications. 

Lisa was finally successful, gaining a telephone interview with Dunelm Mill. Her Prospects adviser coached her for the interview and she practised questions. Lisa’s telephone interview was successful and she was required to complete two face to face interviews with two managers.

Outcomes and results

Lisa was successful and has now gained full time, permanent paid employment with Dunelm Mill. She is now so proud and positive about her future, having gained valuable confidence and employability skills attending Work Programme.

She comments: “Thank you for all your help and support. I couldn’t have done it without you.”


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