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Maureen creates a professional CV to help her get on to the career ladder

07 July 2017

Maureen had good qualifications but she was unsure where to look for a job and she wanted an external source to look at her CV and help make it look more professional. Maureen assured us she would have been happy with an apprenticeship or even an internship but she didn't know how to access the career ladder.

Prospects helped her to create a professional CV and develop her understanding on digital marketing. She was also given a list of agencies to sign up to which will help her find a job. Prospects also contacted her about jobs fairs which she attended.

Maureen now has a full understanding of the job market and what employers are looking for on a CV. She is still yet to secure her goal to find a place to live and set up a life to look after her children.

How Prospects helped:

Prospects helped Maureen create a CV and develop her knowledge in the career she wanted to explore.

Provided her with multiple agencies to give her a higher chance of finding a job.

Supported her access to job fairs.

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