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Michael* has broadened his horizons

“I now know I can still achieve things.”

06 December 2016

Before Prospects

Michael* was referred to the National Careers Service after his claim for Employment and Support Allowance was reassessed and he was transferred to JobSeekers Allowance. Having worked as a cleaner which involved heavy lifting, Michael was keen to return to work but due was unsure how he could work with his health issues.

What Prospects did

Michael attended a face-to-face appointment with a Prospects National Careers Service adviser.  Since then Michael has dropped in on a couple of occasions to see his adviser and has been in telephone and email contact several times.  

Michael was interested in security work, but felt his health issues would affect this work.  His adviser suggested CCTV training as this would suit his health situation better.  Michael’s adviser also offered CV support and recommended updating and tailoring Michael’s CV, as he had not been received any responses to his Universal Jobmatch applications.

Together Michael and his adviser completed an Action Plan and used the job profiles on the National Careers Service website which had very useful information. 

Michael was encouraged to take relevant qualifications. He completed his CCTV training did not pass, however, his adviser has encouraged him to retake the test.  Michael also undertook other vocational qualifications and passed levels 1-3 retail knowledge; level 2 customer service; levels l – 2 health & safety; level 2 manual handling and level 1 fire awareness.

Outcomes and results

Michael’s experiences of the National Careers Service has improved his employment chances and broadened his job search to include retail work. 

“My adviser has been very supportive and encouraged me.  Without the National Careers Service I would not have achieved the courses I have completed nor would I believe I could because of my health issues. I now know I can still achieve things.”

* Not his real name

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