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Munirah and Jordan's story

16 October 2018

Munirah and Jordan's story

Prospects provides targeted support to young people across London, supporting them into education, employment and training. Our London Young People’s team has been busy running five contracts over the last two years, across the capital.

Prospects obtained additional growth on three of our five contracts due to performance. We have reached more than 5,386 young people across London with 4,320 progressing into education, employment and training.  That’s over 80% transitions, an amazing number of successes using our Resilience Mentor professional approach and the Resilience Compass, currently under development into an app, all very exciting.

Two young people recently shared their stories. Both young people are members of our pan London Youth Forums.  We met them in sixth form initially and then when they left and became NEET (not in education, employment or training) they signed up to CALM.

Munirah’s story on CALM

I first met Disha my mentor, towards the end of year 13 through the careers guidance service provided by my school. By this time I had already applied to university to study history. I felt pressured by my school to apply to uni even though I did not want to go.

I decided to apply to study history since this was my favourite subject at the time. However, having explained this to Disha, she helped me come to the conclusion that although I had received conditional uni offers, I should still consider other options such as apprenticeships. I eventually started to apply for a range of apprenticeships and got support.

Speaking to both Disha and Asif gave me the confidence to apply for apprenticeships ultimately helping me to land my dream job. I now look forward to starting VISA’s degree apprenticeship programme where I will be given the opportunity to both work and study towards a qualification.

Jordan's story on CALM

Before I had my first meeting with my mentor Disha, I was very ignorant to the post sixth form options and the potential career paths available to me when I completed sixth form. Like most sixth form students I was only aware of the option of university, which I personally wasn’t too inclined to do due to the huge debt accumulated by university students and the fact that I wanted to do a course involving something practical.

Through several meetings with Disha, I was provided with useful information regarding other alternatives for post sixth form, which included apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships. Disha gave me a clear breakdown between the different apprenticeship levels as well as an array of useful websites to discover apprenticeships such as and apprenticeships.

These websites played a pivotal role in identifying the majority of the different vacancies I applied for as well as two apprenticeships that I secured at both MBDA and VISA. Alongside receiving continuous support from Disha I was also hugely assisted by Asif, who really helped me to master the art of applications and CV building by providing very useful feedback on my first few applications. Due to his very useful feedback I’m at a stage now where I no longer need to be supported when constructing applications as I now have the confidence and ability to do so individually.

The support of Prospects has helped me land a degree apprenticeship in chartered management at VISA.

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