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Nigel gains a new job role after being made redundant

29 June 2015

Nigel gains a new job role after being made redundant

Before Prospects

Nigel* worked for Dairy Crest and was one of 125 employees facing redundancy. The National Careers Service was brought in by Dairy Crest to help their employees find alternative employment. Prospects are the prime contractor for the National Careers Service in the West Midlands.

What Prospects did

Dairycrest arranged for the National Careers Service to come into work to offer support to the 125 staff facing redundancy. The National Careers Service ran a workshop for staff, who attended to gain help with job search techniques, including producing a CV and interview support.

Nigel was keen to find employment in a similar job role.

He met with adviser, Kate who worked with him to come up with steps that would help him move forward. They worked together to create an action plan outlining the steps Nigel needed to take along with other help and support.

Kate provided help and supported enabling Nigel to rebuild his confidence and encouraged him to apply for a role at Heinz.

Kate suggested Nigel think about the skills he had and how to match them to potential new roles.

Outcomes and results

Nigel followed Kate’s advice and was able to successfully secure a new role in a similar area at Heinz.

Nigel has recommended the National Careers Service to the other employees at the factory.

After his successful recruitment Nigel sent an email to thank Kate and the National Careers Service: “Thank you for your help and support during a stressful and worrying time. I received clear and concise help from the support staff. The interview technique training was excellent, and thank you for fitting me in at such short notice to help me prepare for my interview, I went feeling prepared and confident that I had something to offer to the company. I feel your help was a major contribution to me being offered the job and I would have no hesitation to recommending you to anyone. I believe the service offered by the National Careers Service was vastly superior to "Working Transition" the service was offered by Dairy Crest.”

* Not real name

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