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Prospects levels the playing field for Will*

“I now have the confidence to travel on public transport, to achieve my future career.”

17 February 2017

Before Prospects

Will* was referred to Bounce Back by a careers adviser after a call to the Youth Service was made by his mother. Will’s mum was concerned about losing her benefits, as one of the conditions was Will remained in some form of education until he was 18.

Will helped support his mum caring for his disabled younger sibling and had an assigned social worker and a youth offending officer (YOT), Will attended regular meetings with his YOT worker twice a week and had completed English and maths equivalent GCSEs outside of mainstream school, but still struggled with both.

Will used to attend a football academy, however it involved four hours travelling so he dropped out. Despite his mother’s efforts to get Will back into football training, without his own transport this was extremely difficult as Will would refuse to travel on public transport.

Will had low self-esteem, low motivation levels and low self-confidence. As a result he found it very difficult to trust the professionals around him and at times had a volatile relationship with his mum.

What Prospects Did


Will met an adviser who encouraged him to attend a six week personal development course to help his confidence, self-esteem and motivation levels. Will’s adviser spoke to him about applying for football training courses closer to home, but he was reluctant as he had built a good relationship with his football manager over a number of years. 

Will’s adviser was granted permission to speak to his social worker and previous football coach. Will's football coach believed Will could pursue a career in football, however, he was concerned about Will’s poor attendance. Will’s adviser was invited to attend a number of meetings with other professionals including his YOT officer, to discuss the best way to help Will.

Over a three month period it became clear that funding could not be provided to support Will's transport needs to and from the football academy. However, undeterred his adviser spoke to the Young Offenders' services who agreed to provide transport to and from football training.


Will attended football academy on two occasions, on the third occasion, Will shared with his YOT officer that he now felt ready to travel on public transport to get to the football academy.

The Bounce Back programme was the turning point in Will’s life, it worked on developing his confidence, self-esteem and motivation required to take ownership of his personal development and learning.

His adviser worked hard on supporting Will, raising his aspirations and narrowing the gap of distrust for professionals.


*Not his real name


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