Victoria BlakemanVictoria Blakeman

Managing Director Justice

Victoria Blakeman joined Prospects as Director of Offender Management in June 2013.

Prior to joining Prospects, in her role as an International Counter-terrorism Consultant, Victoria advised the UK Government and UN on counter-terrorism measures in the rehabilitation of offenders and management of prison populations in places such as Somalia, Somaliland, Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Algeria and Tajikistan.

Victoria served as the Head of UK Corrections and Detentions in Afghanistan and was involved in the construction of and restructure of management at Lashkar Gar prison.

Victoria has previously worked in prison management in the UK at HMP Garth and HMP Chelmsford, where she was Acting Governor, after initially joining HM Prison Service to bring in a new perspective to change the culture.

Victoria brings her extensive experience of prisons and working with offenders in the UK and abroad, particularly in education and training, to her role at Prospects where she leads on the development of Prospects offender management services.