Opening up the City – Prospects and Shaw Trust City Careers Scholarships

Prospects and Shaw Trust City Careers events provide young people with a unique opportunity to gain a direct insight into the variety of careers in the City of London.  The courses aim to inform, motivate and raise aspirations for those considering careers in sectors which are traditionally difficult to enter, and for those that rarely consider careers in the City due to their social, environmental and family backgrounds.

Many of the professions included in our events are working to overcome a lack of diversity and social mobility in their fields but struggle to reach young people from all backgrounds.

Prospects, together with Shaw Trust, has created the City Careers Scholarship to give all young people an opportunity to visualise a different future for themselves.  Students applying for the scholarship must attend state school, college or academy, in addition to meeting at least one of the following criteria:

  • live in one of the 100 most deprived wards in London and the South East.
  • eligible for free school meals.
  • are a Looked After Child or Care Leaver.
  • belong to a cultural or racial group under-represented in the City.


Sponsor a Shaw Trust City Careers Scholar now!

You can help a young person, or a group of young people, create a positive future for themselves by giving them the opportunity to explore careers in the profession you represent, and ultimately you could help them thrive in life through a career they might not have considered before.

This is your opportunity to talent spot the leaders of tomorrow and lay the foundation for increased access to the City for young people from under-represented backgrounds.


What a Scholarship involves:

  • Sponsoring an entire event or;
  • Sponsoring one or more students to attend one of our 2020 careers events in February, April or July.
  • Participating in the recruitment and selection process.
  • Having the opportunity to follow the progress of the student(s)’ educational progress.
  • Receiving feedback from the school(s) on how your sponsorship has benefitted their student(s).

For more information about how to sponsor a young person/group of young people, please contact Lesley Margiotta on 020 8315 1013 or email


About Prospects and Shaw Trust

Prospects, part of Shaw Trust, transforms lives and communities through our innovation and expertise in employment, skills, care and education.

Shaw Trust is a charity helping to transform the lives of young people and adults across the UK and internationally. One of the largest 40 charities in the UK, comprising Shaw Trust, Prospects, Ixion and Shaw Education Trust, we use our 75 years’ combined experience to support people to develop their potential. By joining together we are working to reach one goal: to help transform the lives of one million young people and adults each year.

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What previous Prospects and Shaw Trust careers events attendees say:

“All the places that we have visited were fantastic and the presentations were clear and understandable” Student from Wembley High Technology College

“The presentations were fantastic, all were high quality and extremely helpful” Student from Eastbury Comprehensive School

“All the places we visited were very informative. The interactive activities we participated in were really fun and interesting” Student from Eastbury Comprehensive School

 “We were shown many different pathways that there are in the industry which was great! It allowed me to further understand and think about what I want to do.”

“Before I attended this course, my only option was to apply for an apprenticeship but now my opinions have expanded to possibly going to university and study in the city.”

 “The visits to Lloyd’s of London was very helpful for seeing what the working atmosphere was like and gave a good insight into the insurance industry.”

“I would recommend these days out to anyone and was very pleased that I was given the opportunity”

“The course made me aware of the different choices that having a law degree has to offer, not just becoming a solicitor or a barrister.”

“The course raised my awareness of other careers in the financial industry, gave great exposure to the workplace and employees.”

“I found the talks with current solicitors and barristers fascinating and gave me a real insight into the legal world.  Thank you for the experience, it has motivated me even more to go into the legal profession.”