Supply Chain Core Values

Prospects vision is to inspire success - in individuals and the organisations that we work with.

These are supported by a set of values which are the core of our work and without which we cannot deliver successfully. These are:


  • Delivering Excellence
    Providing professional, specialist services that achieve the highest quality outcomes and real value for money
  • Working Together
    Building confidence by establishing sustainable relationships with individuals and organisations, sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Embracing Change
    Meeting changing needs through proactive development of services and creative ways of working
  • Valuing Colleagues
    Creating an environment in which all our people thrive by recognising and developing their skills, experience and potential and where learning is shared
  • Valuing Equality and Diversity
    Using difference and diversity to enhance creativity, build our business and provide everyone with an equal chance to succeed

    We want our supply chain partners to share these values with us, and have expanded these to reflect the relationships we expect our partners to endorse. These are:


1. Supporting a diverse base of suppliers

  • To underwrite our vision of delivering excellence

2. Promoting fair employment practices

  • To underwrite working together

3. Promoting workforce welfare

  • Valuing our colleagues

4. Meeting the training needs of the supply chain staff

  • To support excellence in service delivery

5. Provide appropriate resources to meet the needs of the customers

  • Supporting equality and diversity in our client community

6. Identifying and supporting wider community benefits

  • Delivering excellence

7. Supporting ethical sourcing practices and sustainability initiatives

  • Promoting equality and diversity and working together

8. Promoting innovation within the supply chain

  • Embracing change