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BSix 6th Form College - Apprenticeship Fair

13 May 2016

Before Prospects

The college had not previously run an Apprenticeship event for their students. The National Careers Service Inspiration Agenda team worked with the college to organise the event.

The college has a high proportion of BME students and a high proportion of students with English as a second language, therefore, there was a direct need to raise awareness of the apprenticeship option and help to ensure positive messages were going home to families about work and training.

What Prospects did

Approximately 300 students attended the event. The apprenticeship event ran from 11 am to 4pm in the college sports hall which was divided into an advice zone and an apprenticeship zone. Students were accompanied by their tutors who introduced the students to the training providers, employers, National Careers Service and other organisations. The organisations gave advice on apprenticeships and other potential post college options.

Prior to attending students were briefed about questions they should ask. This encouraged the students to find out and discuss the choice of options available to them after college. Individually students could make positive comparisons based on their interests, qualifications and plans.

The college and the National Careers Service agreed to carry out a survey on student awareness of apprenticeships with a view to identifying key factors that encourage an interest in taking the apprenticeship route.  38 students took part in the survey which identified factors such as:

• When did students first learn about the apprenticeship option
• What students would consider to be the benefits of participating in an apprenticeship
• Asking students to identify the sectors of the London job market that would offer apprenticeship training activities

Outcomes and results

300 students attended the day and 200 visited and made contact with the National Careers Service. The National Careers Service provided student briefings with tutor support on aspects such as training, gaining job related qualifications and what employers are looking for from applicants for apprenticeship opportunities.

Feedback from the students included: “I would like to hear more about childcare apprenticeships.”  “This event gave me a greater idea about what I want to do for a career.” “This was a really interesting event.”

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