Customer Stories

Ricky gets a job to provide for his two sons

"Prospects has given me the confidence and help to get back into work."

05 September 2016|Number of views (7362)

Ricky, 32, has been out of work for over a year.  Having previously worked as a packer and driven a forklift he wanted to return to work to provide a better life for his two young sons. 

Andrew gains the reassurance he needs to start working

"Lisa has supported me to overcome the concerns I have and now I am not afraid of going into work and want to stand on my own two feet."

05 September 2016|Number of views (6868)

Andrew was referred to Prospects after living on the streets in Cornwall.

Thom is now volunteering and looking for work

“Before being referred to Prospects, I had very little sense of direction regarding work. I am now pursuing volunteer work and/or part-time paid work, which I would definitely not be doing if I had not received the help and guidance that I have from Prospects.”

05 September 2016|Number of views (7178)

Thom joined Prospects after claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) for a number of years.  He had very little sense of direction regarding work in any capacity, which caused a lot of stress and anxiety.

Maree turned around her life “I did something about it and now I’m supporting others”

06 July 2016|Number of views (6657)

Maree was on Employment Support Allowance for over a year with few prospects of finding full time employment. 

48 year old Will feels "the future is no longer my enemy."

05 July 2016|Number of views (6029)
Will from Glastonbury has been out of work since 2008 and claiming Employment Support Allowance. He previously worked in a vineyard where he dealt with the vines as well as on reception and waitering,