Customer Stories

Andrew's* shyness and nervous was diagnosed as Asperger's Syndrome

“By volunteering Andrew quickly became part of the team.”

13 October 2016|Number of views (7467)

Tom* and his mum are supported to help Tom into work

“I have made huge changes in a short space of time and am feeling much more positive about my future.”

13 October 2016|Number of views (6603)

Tom* is 18. He left school at 16, where his autism was supported and has been out of work since then. He was diagnosed with autism when he was five years old.

Asperger’s Syndrome prevented Charlie* from socialising

“I could not use a bus.”

13 October 2016|Number of views (8115)

Charlie* was extremely anxious, vulnerable and struggled with social situations when he was first sent to the Work Programme. Charlie has Asperger’s Syndrome so did not socialise with anyone other than his parents.

Darren* found it difficult to talk to people face to face

“The interventions seem to be well planned with something to learn.”

13 October 2016|Number of views (7062)

Darren*, aged 22, lives in St Austell. He achieved good GCSE passes in maths, science and IT.  He had been unemployed for more than a year having previously completed some administrative work experience with a coach company

Sisters see "the door of opportunity and walk through"

Sisters see "the door of opportunity and walk through"

“Without Julia we wouldn't have even joined The Prince’s Trust course, which means we wouldn't be employed now, just goes to show the help and support you get can lead to success.”

13 September 2016|Number of views (6603)
Before sisters Keesha and Roisin joined Prospects their motivation was too low to try new things. There was no one in their lives pushing them or believing in their abilities.