Customer Stories

Zoe finds work supporting others

Zoe finds work supporting others

"Even though I have been off benefits for nearly a year I still come in and share my story to help inspire others." 

11 October 2017|Number of views (6850)

Zoe had been unemployed for three years and was extremely anxious when she first came to Prospects. Zoe is now off benefits and loves her job, working as a support worker with Greenbank Care, supporting adults with learning difficulties.  

The National Careers Service helps turn dream jobs into a reality

06 October 2017|Number of views (8896)

St Austell resident, Allan, first contacted Prospects in August 2015. The 52 year old father of four, was facing severe mental health problems, the loss of his home and was completely reliant on unemployment benefits.

Prospects helps individuals to overcome their difficulties

"I have found working with Prospects one of the best experiences of my life."

03 October 2017|Number of views (7544)

Before contacting Prospects Laura* faced a number of difficulties in her personal life, and consequently struggled with mental health problems and anxiety. She was put in touch with Prospects who enrolled her on the Government's Work Programme.  

Jane didn't know what a CV was, but thanks to the National Careers Service she now believes she can do anything

"Before I came to the National Careers Service I had no self-confidence, yet now I have, and I really believe I can do anything I put my mind to."

29 August 2017|Number of views (7810)

51 year old Jane hadn’t been in work for over 20 years, and had no idea what a CV was before she received support and guidance from the National Careers Service.

Robert received training to enhance his skill level

07 July 2017|Number of views (7737)

Before Robert came to Prospects he needed help sorting out his CV and becoming more organised.