Customer Stories

Janet is back at work after 19 years

Janet is back at work after 19 years

“Prospects is a good place to go for help and advice in getting back to work and in confidence building.”

08 May 2018|Number of views (7504)

Janet lives in Taunton and had not worked since 1999 before she started the Work Programme with Prospects.  Janet worked before she had children doing a range of jobs including working in a seaside kiosk, in a bakery, a furniture factory and a guest house.

Nicholas gains a new role

"The Work Programme has really helped me improve my confidence."

26 March 2018|Number of views (7715)

When Nicholas came to The Work Programme, he was feeling depressed having not worked for ten years due to ill health.

Robert received training to enhance his skill level

07 July 2017|Number of views (7998)

Before Robert came to Prospects he needed help sorting out his CV and becoming more organised. 

Tamara began voluntary work to gain experience

07 July 2017|Number of views (8329)

 When Tamara contacted Prospects, she was unemployed and a single mum of three. 

Elizabeth is on track to get a job in administration with her adviser's support

07 July 2017|Number of views (7882)

Before Elizabeth gained the help from Prospects, she was recently unemployed and she was seeking for a career change but she didn’t know how to go about it.