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Churchill Community School attends North East Skills

09 July 2015

Churchill Community School attends North East Skills

Before Prospects

Churchill Community School received a flyer through about North East Skills.

Having not attended before we chose to attend the event because last year a large cohort of students wanted apprenticeships, so this year we wanted to attend the event in anticipation that students this year would have similar expectations.

The booking process was easy and we used the supplied lesson plan on the Tuesday beforehand so that our students were a bit more prepared.

What Prospects did

Churchill Community School's expectations of what we thought North East Skills would be like before attending were a lot less than what it was actually like when we arrived. The event tied in with our statutory duty to provide information, advice and guidance (IAG).

The venue was easy to get to - students made their own way to the event.

Staff accompanied the students and went to speak to the stalls when the students were looking around.

Outcomes and results

Now we have visited the North East Skills event and know the scale of it, we know to prepare our students better for next year when we come to North East Skills.

There was a huge variety of stalls across every career sector with lots of information. We were surprised at how friendly everyone was and keen to talk to students and staff.

The event went beyond meeting our objectives and expectations and definitely inspired and motivated our students to think about their career options.

We would definitely be looking to bring students to next year's event.

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