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Educational Resources Unit - Ampleforth College

31 July 2013

“Ampleforth College’s Careers Department was behind the times in terms of careers testing. We had been using a very unwieldy product, which required students to take part in an exam-style situation and take a variety of psychometric tests and interest questionnaires.

Several weeks later, careers advisers interviewed the students about the results of these tests. Whilst the data was very interesting, once the tests were over, the students forgot about it all and there was no sense of continuity. I felt that this was long-winded and wanted to find a product that was more immediate, interactive and accessible for all students.

After reviewing the Prospects Education Resources catalogue, I contacted their team about the range of software available. It was important to get a product that worked for our students, who have high aspirations and, almost without exception, aim to finish their A levels and go to university.

The team was quick to recommend a new product for us and it has proved very successful: it is easy-to-use and students appreciate being able to work online and in their own time. They also like the aspect of having ownership of the process. Parents appreciate it too, and I certainly appreciate not having to handle a mountain of careers questionnaires.

I frequently seek advice regarding the best books for our department, bearing in mind our students tend to aim for Russell Group universities. I have always found Prospects Education Resources’ help and advice very constructive and, if a product won't suit us, they will say so!”

Josie Campbell, Head of Careers, Ampleforth College

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