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Eileen*, mental health issues, seeks legal work

* Name has been changed.

04 June 2014

Eileen* aged 43 from West Cornwall had been out of work for four years due to a mental health illness. After being contacted by the Work Programme, Eileen was hopeful that they would help her find a job.

In the past Eileen had studied holistic and beauty therapy and also worked in the retail industry. Prior to this she had begun an A level in Law. Eileen’s long term goal was to work in the legal industry.

Upon joining the Work Programme Eileen was assigned an Adviser – Jade.
Jade used her knowledge of the Law sector and access routes for studying Law, to help Eileen plan how to reach her long term goal. Eileen said “Jade helped me to understand that in order to achieve my long term goal, I had to have a short term one.”

The Work Programme made a big impact on Eileen’s life, she explained “It has helped me to leave my house, which is something I could not do before, without heavy medication. I was encouraged to attend some courses and meet new people which has improved my confidence.”

Talking about the support she received whilst on the Work Programme, Eileen said: “My adviser listened to me and supported me with each step. I in turn listened to Jade and followed her advice. I’ve had some knock backs with employers not getting back in touch, but good things have now happened.”

Since being part of the Work Programme Eileen has found a job in a local salon which utilises her skills and qualifications. The Work Programme continued to help her once she was offered a job “I couldn’t have started work without the funding they provided for my work uniform.”

Eileen was thankful for the experience and optimistic for the future “Now I am employed I can save my money to register with The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and start the ball rolling for what I hope will be a successful career in Law.”

*Name has been changed.

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