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London Enterprise Adviser Toolkit Launch

25 October 2016

Before Prospects

Prospects National Careers Service Inspiration Agenda colleagues, Team London, ran this event for enterprise advisers. The event focussed on a toolkit launch and careers exhibition. 
The toolkit was created to signpost the enterprise advisers to various careers initiatives across London. The careers exhibition part of the event was an opportunity for Team London to speak with the enterprise advisers who currently work directly with 75 schools across London.

What Prospects did

The event ran in two separate parts. The toolkit launch took place in a separate room. The careers exhibition was in an open space, the National Careers Service Inspiration Agenda hosted a stand and put together special packs for the advisers showcasing our service and highlighted what was on offer to schools. Team London promoted the free brokerage service and labour market information (LMI) offer:
• Employer led talks
• Employer presence at careers fairs
• Workplace visit
• LMI sector leaflets
• Monthly E-bulletin
There were other organisations present to support the event all whom had a specific careers offer to schools

Outcomes and results

The enterprise advisers were delighted to find out about the brokerage service offered, and Team London were able to speak with enterprise advisers on a one to one basis. This gave Team London the opportunity to promote their services, find out which schools the enterprise advisers were matched with and talk through the free LMI resources and explain the content of the e-bulletin.

The enterprise advisers were able to leave the event more informed about the services and support available to London schools and colleges.

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