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Lone parent Syreena gains full time work

07 April 2016

Before Prospects

Syreena was a lone parent, unemployed and dealing with personal issues. She had previously worked as a PA for the CEO of an investment bank. Syreena was feeling confused with no clear direction.

What Prospects did

Syreena first accessed the National Careers Service, run by Prospects, through a programme called Reinvent for London Parents.  She was assigned a personal adviser, Angeline, who supported her during face to face meetings, over the telephone and by email, text and Whatsapp.

Following Syreena’s first support sessions she accessed the service again in 2015, receiving further support from Angeline. Angeline helped her with practice mock interviews, employability workshops and positive thinking sessions. The sessions helped Syreena to understand her strengths and weaknesses enabling her to move forward. Syreena started using positive words of affirmation to plan, believe in herself, set goals and persistently apply for jobs on a daily basis.

Together Angeline and Syreena completed a thorough action plan and used a skills analysis to help Syreena recognise her abilities.

Outcomes and results

Syreena initially gained a temporary role as a result of Angeline’s support. She is now in a permanent, full time admin role.

The National Careers Service helped Syreena to believe in herself.  Having Angeline as her personal adviser gave Syreena someone to talk to and helped her remain focussed.

Syreena has gained in confidence and feels she is now in a much better place because of the ongoing support. She would recommend the National Careers Service and was pleased she could be seen more than once.

Speaking of Angeline Syreena said: “She went the extra mile until I reach my goal.”


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