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Michael's interests spark a new career

"This is a massive achievement for Michael, he should be very proud of himself."

30 November 2016

Michael's interests spark a new career

Before Prospects

Before Michael joined the YEI South Birmingham Programme his life lacked direction. He was demotivated and quite depressed.  To fill his days he played video games and completed household chores, but felt he had no purpose to his existence.


Michael was worried about meeting Prospects initially. Part of his anxiety was searching for jobs as he lacked the motivation to initiate the search. Michael was not afraid of working but concerned about searching and applying.

What Prospects Did

Together with his Prospects mentor, Priya, Michael talked about his feelings about job searching. To help him he was encouraged to open a Universal Job Match account. Priya showed him how to use the Universal Job Match and where to load his CV. This eased his worries about ‘how’ to make applications. This was a massive step towards gaining employment.


Michael and Priya work well together and Michael feels he has an adviser who understands his concerns. He is happy and more positive about his working future.  During mentoring sessions Michael expressed an interest in becoming a voice over artist and Priya supported him to find recording opportunities.  


Michael's interest has resulted in him recording some voice overs for Radio XL, aired weekly on Saturdays across the UK. Priya comments: "This is a massive achievement for Michael, he should be very proud of himself."

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