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Minworth Primary goes from satisfactory to good

05 July 2013

Minworth Junior and Infant School, Birmingham, is located in an area with pockets of significant social and economic deprivation. When appointed in September 2009, its Headteacher inherited a school that was significantly underachieving with poor basic skills in literacy and numeracy. This was largely due to a level of 30% unsatisfactory teaching, an inexperienced leadership team and compounded by a curriculum that was not meeting the needs of the pupils.

Prospects Improve has been working with the school since the appointment of its new Headteacher to provide a wide range of training and support. By monitoring teaching and working closely with the Headteacher and senior staff to identify the changes required, we came up with a bespoke plan for improvement including coaching of teachers and support staff, and strengthening of the leadership. Self-evaluation in particular was to play an integral part in their improvement strategy, with senior staff members involved in training to be ‘inspectors in their own school’.

At its most recent Ofsted inspection (June 2013) the school was commended for its excellent practice in assessment and awarded a judgement of ‘Good’: a marked improvement upon its ‘Satisfactory’ rating in 2009. 100% of pupils made at least two levels of progress with 60% of pupils gaining more than two levels and, as a result, the school is no longer on the local authority’s At Risk list.

“Through a vast array of talented consultants, Prospects has enabled to us to pinpoint specific areas of focus, which has led to rapid improvement across all areas of school. This, coupled with a ‘hands on’, can do attitude, has instilled a strong sense of self-belief and positivity that has bred a culture of confidence throughout the school.”

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