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Nicholas gains a new role

"The Work Programme has really helped me improve my confidence."

26 March 2018

Before Prospects

When Nicholas came to The Work Programme, he was feeling depressed having not worked for ten years due to ill health.

Having previously worked for South West Trains and Rail Gourmet, Nicholas enjoyed the benefits working gave him and now he felt ready to push outside of his comfort zone and start the process of finding a job.

What Prospects did

On the Work Programme, Nicholas worked with his adviser Helen, who discussed with him the type of work he might be interested in doing. Nicholas liked to work with the public and also enjoyed clerical work. Helen suggested that he could look for work as a Night Porter in a hotel.

During those ten years of being out of work, Nicholas found that he had lost a lot of confidence in his abilities. This was something his adviser, Helen, addressed by having Nicholas do some work experience at the Prospects office on reception.  This in turn gave Nicholas some of the confidence back that he needed along with great experience to add to his CV or on application forms.

With this new found confidence, Nicholas felt ready to push forward and complete some training courses in IT and Customer Service, which would also help to strengthen his CV.

Helen helped Nicholas revise his CV and complete application forms for relevant positions. Nicholas also had lots of mock interviews to help prepare him for the real thing.


All the hard work paid off for Nicholas, as he now has a job as a Night Porter at a hotel.

When we asked Nicholas he felt the Work Programme had helped him overall, he replied: "The Work Programme has really helped me improve my confidence.  I am really grateful to everyone at Prospects, especially my Key Worker Helen."

We would like to wish Nicholas every success in his new job.

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