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Offender Support - Helping Adam* after release from prison

* Name has been changed.

26 June 2013

Prospects National Careers Service In Custody and In the Community teams work together to provide support to offenders in prison and after release.

The resettlement team at HMP Wormwood Scrubs where Adam* was detained referred him to the National Careers Service In the Community and made an appointment for him for the day after his release.

Adam’s National Careers Service In the Community Adviser contacted his mother to find out what kind of support he would need upon his release. Adam’s mother explained before his prison sentence he lived in the family home but his issues with alcohol meant that she was keen for him to live apart from the family and would therefore require housing when released. At the same time, his mother wanted to ensure that Adam knew he was wanted and supported by the family.

Having been briefed by the In the Community team, a Prospects National Careers Service In Custody Adviser in HMP Wormwood Scrubs met with Adam to enquire about his plans after release and give him information regarding housing but did not mention that his mother didn’t want him at home in order that he did not have additional worry while awaiting release.

The team also confirmed with Adam that an appointment had been made for him with the In the Community team the day after his release. Adam had a named contact to ask for when attending his appointment and knew an adviser was prepared for him; in his words, “it wasn’t as daunting as just walking into a place and not knowing anyone”.

Adam’s issues with alcohol and drug abuse, mental health and family breakdown as well as a criminal record mean he is unlikely to enter employment within the next 12 months. However the National Careers Service are continuing to support him in a number of ways including referring him to other relevant agencies and discussing possible training and work goals with him.

*Name has been changed

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