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Prospects working in co-operation with Mind

05 May 2017

Once a month Prospects in Taunton provide Mind a secure and neutral space to meet and offer advice to those accessing their services. Mind provide advice and support to those with mental health issues and those supporting people with mental health. Mind run campaigns and work with a number of people to raise awareness, improve services and promote understanding of mental health.

Tim Curtis team leader said: “Letting Mind use the office helps not only them but also us, we’re able to get advice from them on any cases we may be working on, they keep us updated on what is going on in the town regarding mental health awareness and employment opportunities.”

Mental Health Awareness Week is taking place 8-14 May, this year the theme is Surviving or Thriving. The idea of the theme is to tackle mental health from a different angle, rather than ask why so many people of all ages are dealing with mental health problems, it’s been decided to uncover why so few of us are thriving with good mental health.
Mental health affects one in four people every year.

Prospects are holding an event on 14 July to raise awareness of mental health and the work Mind do. The event is cycling from Prospects to Parliament, 133 miles on exercise bikes, a raffle will be held to win prizes as well as collecting donations. The event has support from organisations like Bugfest, Halfords, Clarks, Somerset County Council, and some of the local businesses in Taunton and surrounding areas.

To take part contact Tim Curtis.

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