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Sal has interviews within eight weeks of release from prison

"These are good people and more importantly they understand the difficulties of securing employment once you have a criminal record."

17 October 2016

Before Prospects

Sal first contacted the National Careers Service In Custody service. Soon after his release from prison he made contact again with the National Careers Service in community. Although Sal has always been confident, he was unsure about what help he could get or how to best succeed in an interview situation.  Sal was keen to return to employment as he knew it would offer him the purpose and stability need to progress towards a productive future.

What Prospects did

Sal met his adviser, Tara, and found she was very positive and empathetic.  She made Sal feel comfortable and together they produced a SMART Action Plan, which helped Sal understand how he could achieve his goals step by step.  Tara was realistic but did not restrict Sal’s personal dreams or goals. She told Sal to take things slowly and celebrate small successes. Tara also made Sal understand that looking for work is a full time job and that getting an interview is not an end in itself and he should continue applying for roles until he gained work.

During the sessions Sal and Tara used the National Careers Service website, Sal found the CV building tool and interview advice extremely helpful. He also used the job profiles after he and Tara looked at labour market information which showed which industries needed employees and what skills were required.

Tara helped Sal make longer term plans, focusing on in work training to help him progress. He is keen to get work in construction, specifically scaffolding.

Tara also helped Sal make contact with other organisations who have helped him, including Suited and Booted, an organisation committed to helping jobseekers make a good first impression at interview.

Outcomes and results

Within a couple of months of leaving prison Sal had two interviews and a work trial. He now has a very clear vision for his future and is keen to secure employment and gain stability in his life. 

Sal feels very motivated and is able to keep going even when he is knocked back.  Sal is naturally confident and enjoys interacting with others but found the National Careers Service has given him a different kind of confidence that he can use for securing employment.

Sal says: “The difference about this service is the consistency that it has offered me. I have come from a very unstable upbringing but from the time I first referred myself to this service they have always been there for me.  They regularly keep me updated with opportunities both training and work related that are relevant to my goals and aspirations.”

He continues: “I would definitely encourage anyone else to contact the National Careers Service. Especially those who have been through the criminal justice system. They have been a real rock to me and any obstacles I face they support me to overcome them. There is no need to be nervous because after two minutes of stepping through the office you can relax. These are good people and more importantly they understand the difficulties of securing employment once you have a criminal record. Here I am, eight weeks after being released and going to interviews.”

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