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Sandra, ex-carer with medical issues group intervention and voluntary work

28 November 2014

This Friday is Carers Rights Day, which brings organisations across the UK together to help carers in their local community know their rights and find out how to get the help and support they are entitled to. Prospects, the education, employment and training company, supports many carers to build independent rewarding careers which allow them to also fulfil their caring responsibilities through our delivery of the National Careers Service and the Work Programme, including people like Sandra.

Sandra was in her 50s, and had been the main carer of her ex-partner for six years, when she was referred to the Work Programme, provided by Prospects, in July 2013. She had been unable to work while being a carer and was worried that her age and arthritis were barriers to work.

Her adviser enrolled her onto the Ascent programme, an innovative mix of holistic interventions that challenge behaviour which was created by Prospects as part of its Work Programme provision. Sandra’s anxiety and lack of confidence, due to her relationship ending, was so serve that to begin with several interviews were via phone. However, her adviser’s support soon gave Sandra the confidence to meet face-to-face. Her adviser helped Sandra plan her future, write her CV, find and apply for jobs and work experience opportunities. Sandra was also referred to the Money Advise Service so she could work towards being more financially secure. Her adviser also helped Sandra find voluntary work at the PDSA, an animal charity.

Since completing this work experience Sandra has found a job with Poundland.

Sandra said:
“Prospects has really helped me to build my confidence and aspiration. I believe in myself again now.

“By the time I met my current adviser, I needed a push into voluntary work and she made all the difference to help me see I could do it.

“The groups I attended helped me to know my skills and have the confidence to sell them to employers. I have also ‘networked’ and made close friends from the group interventions”

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