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Sirajdin constructs a new direction in his life

09 June 2016

Before Prospects

Sirajdin was unemployed after serving a lengthy prison sentence.  Living with bi-polar disorder Sirajdin wanted to update his qualifications to improve his career prospects but required direction and support. 

What Prospects did

Sirajdin was referred to the National Careers Service by his probation officer in November 2013. He was assigned a Prospects careers adviser who supported him by telephone, email and at regular meetings.  Sirajdin’s adviser made him feel relaxed and comfortable asking him to highlight his skills and strengths which motivated and encouraged him.

At their first meeting Sirajdin and his adviser created an Action Plan with clear achievable goals which they followed for more than two and a half years. Breaking down Sirajdin’s end goals helped him to understand by accomplishing tasks step by step he would achieve his overall aims. Sirajdin’s adviser also supported him to find the best way to disclose his criminal record to future employers.

Sirajdin is interested in the construction industry and his adviser provided construction job profiles using the National Careers Service website and together they looked at labour market information. This gave Sirajdin helpful additional information about local skills gaps and vacancies.

In 2016 Sirajdin’s adviser helped him to use a range of available tools to search for courses and he found two courses, one in plumbing and an interim course in self development. Unfortunately the self development course was cancelled but Sirajdin’s adviser helped him find similar courses and referred him to the providers.

Outcomes and results

Sirajdin is planning to start his plumbing course in September and complete his CSCS training, allowing him to work on a construction site, in the summer. He now feels he has a real sense of direction and can apply himself to a future career. 

He admits his journey has taken time as he did not take training and opportunities seriously at the beginning, but feels his adviser’s willingness to support him through false starts gave him the guidance, information and motivation he required.

Sirajdin says: “The best thing has been the drive and focus that has been cultivated in me.  It makes me feel really good when I hear people tell me how well I am doing.  I feel as though things are really turning around for me.  My future looks bright.

“My adviser was realistic and made me believe in myself. She told me there was a purpose for my life and encouraged me to pursue the job which I would enjoy most.”

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