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Skills Scotland Glasgow

09 July 2015

Skills Scotland Glasgow

Before Prospects

Students from St Matthew's Academy and Inverclyde Academy were invited to attend Skills Scotland.

What Prospects did

At Skills Scotland Glasgow Chloe and Hannah from St Matthew's Academy and Rebecca, Louise, Caitlin, Caris, Jade and Carla from Inverclyde Academy offered their thoughts about the careers and skills event.

Both groups of students had spent some time at the event and tried some of the interactive features. Chloe and Hannah, both 17, had tried the scientific exhibits including the microscope and iChem experiments, and the hair and beauty Get Skilled feature. The microscope was their favourite hands-on activity.

The group from Inverclyde Academy were younger aged 15 to 16. They tried the face painting, the smoothie making bikes and the NHS wheel of fortune. They particularly enjoyed the City of Glasgow and Glasgow Kelvin College stands as there were lots of different hands on activities.

All of the students felt that the event was ideal for S5 as they were getting ready to leave school. Chloe and Hannah said it was ideal for their age group as they did not know what they wanted to do in the future. The girls at Inverclyde felt students in S3 were too young to attend as they had not yet picked their subjects and would not want to bring younger siblings.

Outcomes and results

Both groups were adamant that their school should bring students in 2015.

Chloe and Hannah plan to search the internet for more information post event and attend the Glasgow Kelvin open day for their beauty courses. This is similar to the Inverclyde Academy group, who plan to read the information given to them and make choices.

The aim of the Skills Scotland events is to inspire young people and both groups felt that this aim was achieved. The links between careers in childcare leading to teaching and social work was highlighted as one route that the students would pursue alongside career progression, ongoing training and qualifications. The range of different available careers, including business administration roles within the NHS, was also highlighted.

The event opened up options and Hannah and Chloe benefitted from the realisation that "there are places to look" aside from school.

The students from Inverclyde Academy felt the event offered a better way to show how school subjects relate to jobs and how to get your dream job. In 2015 they also felt that it would be good to look at themes and zones to help them navigate around the event. The group also felt that speakers on the stage would be interesting, or stands around the event with speakers covering different industries would be helpful. Additionally they suggested having young people guides at reception able to help and advise, however, none had used the careers hub area for impartial advice.

The final comment from Inverclyde Academy was that they felt they would be worse off if they hadn't attended the event.

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