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The National Careers Service Inspires Students at The John Roan School

25 October 2016

Before Prospects

The National Careers Service Inspiration Agenda supported an interview skills day attended by employers and other professionals located in south east London and the borough of Greenwich.

The day is run to promote the importance of preparation and development of self confidence in respect to handling job and other interviews.  The attending students had verbal and written feedback in respect of their interviews.

What Prospects did

16 different employers and other professionals attended with interviewing experience who work in the south east London economy. This covered work sectors such as banking and finance, retail, small businesses, local government and business consultancy. The National Careers Service invited three people representing the merchant navy training board and City IQ, a specialist organisation that manages IT and other consultancy based projects for major clients.
More than 90 students in years 12 and 13, taking A level courses, were given the option of attending during lesson time. Over 80 students participated in the mock interview sessions for a vacancy in a managerial job role.

Outcomes and results

The students responded to the session by giving feedback on what they had learnt including:
• The importance of creating a positive impression
• Understanding the impact of body language
• Focus on presenting the skillsets required for a managerial job

One of the employers commented: “Mock interviews are a good way for employers to present useful ideas and learning opportunities to students on how to prepare for work placements.”

The Merchant Navy officer commented: “The one to one interviews were a useful exercise to engage with sixth form students.”

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