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Wolverhampton team helping young people take their next steps

08 January 2013

The results of an audit to establish how well transition arrangements in Wolverhampton are working to support young people with additional and complex needs has been published. The audit was undertaken by the Transition Support Programme Group's Transition Co-ordinator — a role managed by Prospects in Wolverhampton.

The 'Transition Protocol Audit Report' reveals a mixture of strengths and areas for development and makes recommendations for improvements in services delivered by multi-agency partners across the city.

Audit recommendations include sharing Transition Plans with young people and their parents/carers, and using person-centred transition reviews to enable young people feel involved and listened to in these meetings.

Rosemary Robbins, Prospects Operations Manager for Connexions in Wolverhampton, and chair of the Transition Support Programme Group which commissioned and steered the survey, said, "We launched our Transition Protocol in March 2011; this audit report has given us a view on what is done well and what is still left to do. We are committed to working with all partners, including parents/carers, to continue to develop transition arrangements in the city, so that all young people have a good experience and feel supported and confident in making their next steps towards adulthood."

The audit covered transition arrangements for disabled young people aged 14–25 with additional and complex needs. It was undertaken using government guidance and best practice benchmarks laid down in their 'Transition Process Map' protocol document. Expected outcomes for young people and families are set out in their publication 'My Future'.

The Transition Coordinator conducted face to face discussions with professionals, and young people with additional and complex needs in mainstream and special schools, and set up an online survey to capture parents'/carers' views on transition arrangements in the city.

Multi-agency information sessions and training events on the Transition Protocol and audit are making professionals aware of the report findings and their agencies’ roles in providing robust transition arrangements for disabled young people as they move from childhood to adulthood.

The full Audit Report can be read here. For further information contact Gloria Smith, Transition/Person Centred Planning Coordinator, or telephone 07584 390012.

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