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Jane amputee sets up own company, relocates to West Midlands

27 February 2015

Jane, who had her arm amputated, has been on Employment Support Allowance (ESA) – Disability for two and half years after damaging her ‘good shoulder’ while swimming trying to get fit. Unfortunately she could not access the help she needed to rest her arm and it has taken this length of time to heal as she was unable to rest it as a person with two arms would.

Whilst unable to work Jane formulated a business plan to re-open disused railways. She attended some Prospects meetings which pointed her in the direction she needed to raise finance for her venture and enabled her to push her idea forward.

Jane contacted the company she now works for and they were so impressed they invited her up to the West Midlands. While there she networked by volunteering and was invited to sit on the board as Company Secretary.

The snag in the plan was the cost of relocation to the West Midlands. But when Jane spoke to her adviser she was stunned to find that help was available. With the promise of this, In February she started working 24 hours a week, all she can currently manage, but if she can gain strength full time work is available as well as support in the formation of her own company.

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