Promoting Diversity

In 2017 and 2018 Prospects was nominated for UK Large Business of the Year at National Centre for Diversity Grand Awards, winning the award in 2017. The award recognises our work embedding equality and diversity into all areas of our business.

In 2015 Prospects achieved Leaders in Diversity status, and was reaccredited in 2018, building on the earlier success of receiving Investors in Diversity. We have demonstrated how we advance fairness for all by embedding best practices in equality at the heart of our work. This involved comprehensive staff surveys, resulting in extremely high response rates. Colleagues from across the organisation completed the surveys which identified good practice, progress made since the previous surveys and areas for improvement, which have since been addressed.

Equalities and Diversity across Prospects is championed by a steering group which oversees how well the Group is doing at embedding EDI into all company policies and procedures. The steering group takes into account factors from the staff surveys and the EDI targets of comparable organisations. The Group has priority action and targets which are regularly reviewed. 


Download details of the EDI Strategy.

Download details of the EDI Strategy (accessible).