The Resilience Project

Being resilient helps us deal with the challenges life throws at us.

But, not everyone is resilient. Some of us struggle to adapt to stress, cannot deal with difficult experiences, cope with emotions or cannot develop trusting relationships. Some of us are not resilient.

Resilience is vital, but it is not something that you either have or don’t have. It is something you can learn. It is something young people can learn with support.

Find out more about how Prospects I am Resilient programme can help you to build strong and resilient citizens in your communities.

I am Resilient is a 360° wraparound programme which offers commissioners, mentors and service users with skills to build resilience in their communities.

The programme’s tailored approach offers training, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation for individuals, groups and staff. I am Resilient nurtures relationships between young people and trusted adults, these relationships are at the heart of our practice which embeds recognised resilience methodology.

I am Resilient programme is aimed at supporting people with low levels of resilience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Lifestyle
  • Self
  • Future
  • Relationship

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The Resilience App

The Resilience App is a 24/7 mentoring support for young people used to having answers at their fingertips. Using the one device no teen is ever without, the Resilience App uses smart phone technology to provide instant help and mentoring for young people using recognised principles, self assessment and instant messaging.

The app is adaptable and can be tailored to the needs of individuals or contracts. It is a flexible assessment, advice and information tool which is digitally innovative and responsive to young people’s needs, meeting their requirement of ease of access through mobile technology and self assessment.

The app provides self-rating compass assessments, mentoring/advice with instant messaging to chat to mentors, arrange face to face sessions, access resources instantly from the tailored library and create to do lists to help users move forward. The app has full feedback and monitoring supporting mentors; commissioners; and communities.

Supporting young people to grow their resilience raises confidence levels; supports them to adapt when stressed; cope with emotions; learn to trust; and bounce back. Resilience is a highly sought after soft skill required by employers and recruiters. The Resilience app helps young people learn to be resilient, to develop into adults able to participate in meaningful work, belong to sustainable communities and benefit society.


Who to contact

For further information:

Ashlee Carlile
Resilience Development Manager

[T] 020 8315 1500
[E] email me