Sustainable Development and Equalities

Prospects is a Leader in Diversity, having gained the accreditation in 2014. In 2018 Prospects was reaccredited.

Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability Objectives

Prospects’ approach to sustainability, through a collective agreement with its supply chain partners, is to find a more practical application to the work we do, and how the Merlin Standard can be used to better support it. On this basis Prospects has broadened Environment Sustainability Policy to encompass Social Value.

Prospects objectives for sustainability across the supply chain are:

  • Year on year reduction in energy consumption
  • Effective management of waste through re-cycling
  • Year on year reduction of paper usage
  • Continuous promotion of Travel Plans
  • Continued growth in the use of local resources; for example utilising local suppliers and/or local workforce
  • Where possible and appropriate, to use social enterprises and voluntary and community providers in the supply chain
  • Continued improvement to measuring impact of service provision upon customer health, wellbeing and financial independence
  • To encourage and enable supply chain staff to contribute back to local communities through a range of volunteering opportunities

Supply Chain Equalities & Diversity Objectives

Prospects’ approach to equalities and diversity, through a collective agreement with its supply chain partners, is to commit to valuing diversity and eliminating discrimination, harassment and victimisation of its employees and service users.

This commitment is appropriate to all supply chain partners who will lead in:

  • Challenging and eradicating discrimination
  • Ensuring their workforce reflects the diverse population of the areas where they deliver
  • Promoting equality of opportunity
  • Providing responsive and accessible services.

The supply chain is committed to promote inclusion. We recognise that over and above the statutory framework there is a need to address other areas of potential disadvantage, inequality and discrimination. In addition we are committed to breaking down the barriers which these may cause.

  • To comply with all legislation on inequality and discrimination in terms of internal practices, partners and external activities
  • To incorporate equal opportunities into the design, delivery and management of services across the supply chain
  • To train all staff in equality and diversity issues
  • Supply chain partners will undertake accessibility audits of all of their company premises and equality impact assessments on all of their policies and procedures ensuring that they are universally accessible
  • To ensure that this policy is understood implemented and maintained at all levels of the supply chain.

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